The legalization and commercializing of marijuana is creating the next “Big Tobacco” industry. “Big Marijuana” is a new industry that contains lobbyists and profiteers who put their financial gain over our health and safety. Today’s marijuana is very high in potency and can reach 99% THC. It is very destructive and causes addiction, mental illness, violence, crime, DUIs and many health and social problems. Young people are particularly vulnerable. We must protect them.

In the past when our nation embraced a strong “no use” drug prevention message and national strategy led by a grass-roots parents/citizens’ movement, there was much success in reducing the use of illicit drugs. This success needs to be restored. Today those who work for a safe and sane society are up against a new formidable and well-funded marijuana industry. The marijuana industry has set millions of people on the path to addiction and destruction of their health and minds.

It is clear that most people don't know about today's marijuana and it's high strength and numerous potential harms to individuals, families, children and the nation. The nation needs a complete reeducation program regarding marijuana. The volunteers of AALM seek to educate individuals, communities, and the media and policy makers about the science and effective policies about marijuana and how to reduce its harms and protect its victims. We seek to educate the legal and medical professions on how to help the victims who have experienced the harmful effects of marijuana use and who have fallen prey to the false advertising and myths about this illegal, highly potent, long acting, addictive, hallucinogenic drug.

We have an opportunity to stem the tide of proliferation of marijuana in America by exposing the dangers of the drug and by exposing the marijuana industry and marijuana lobby and by educating those who can take action. Please join us to protect our kids and our society from this illicit drug.


Government alone cannot do what needs to be done to correct the harms of the marijuana industry. The legal profession can help but they must first be educated about the harms of marijuana and the laws and procedures that pertain to helping the victims of the marijuana industry. A first step will be to provide them with the latest science on these issues:

1. Categories of Victims of the Marijuana Industry

2. Medical Issues and Marijuana

3. Marijuana Contamination

4. Interactions Between Marijuana and Other Drugs

5. Marijuana and Mental Illness

6. Marijuana and Violence

7. Public Safety Issues and Marijuana – DUI - Workplace

8. Addiction to Marijuana

9. Marijuana and Pregnancy

10. Marijuana and Opiate Use

The next step will be to provide them with educational materials on topics such as:

1. Endangered children - legal education aimed at protecting children from parental marijuana use. Many children have marijuana using parents and may be abused or neglected by those parents. Marijuana use is not a victimless crime. It is involved in child abuse, neglect, child deaths and divorce. Previous research has also shown that infants exposed to THC in utero suffer a wide array of neurocognitive and neurobehavioral deficits that cascade throughout childhood and adolescence, resulting in potentially adverse social, health and economic consequences.

2. Legal education on product liability for the production and sale of dangerous and/or contaminated and poorly processed marijuana.

3. Legal education on medical malpractice for the promotion and use of marijuana as a medicine without FDA approval.

4. Legal education on how to recover for environmental damage caused by marijuana growing.

5. Legal education on the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act that prohibits a person (also a corporation) from investing in, acquiring, or participating in the affairs of an enterprise that engages in racketeering activity such as recreational marijuana which is illegal under federal law.

6. Legal education on server liability for marijuana stores that sell marijuana to customers who then kill or injure others in car crashes or other accidents.

7. Legal education on the Drug Dealer Liability Act - several states have passed laws that make drug dealers civilly liable to those injured by a driver under the influence of drugs or families who lose a child to illegal drugs and others injured by illegal drugs.

8. Legal education on how state and local governments can claim injury and seek restitution to repair the damages they have had to pay for social services and other costs caused by marijuana use.

9. Legal education on class actions that were used to overcome tobacco companies’ defenses based on the conduct of smokers.

The information will be disseminated to the legal profession through the Internet, in articles, by webinars and continuing legal education. We will not conduct litigation.


The medical community needs education about marijuana in the following areas:

“Medical” Marijuana

How Is “Medical” Marijuana Distributed?

“Medical” Marijuana and Federal Law

Botanical Marijuana Poses Many Problems for Medical Care Providers

Marijuana in Foods That Are Used as Medicines

Marijuana Concentrates

Recreational Marijuana


Warnings and Precautions

Adverse Reactions

Drug Interactions

Drug Abuse and Dependence


Clinical Pharmacology and Marijuana effects

Intoxication (Including Dysphoria)

Anxiety (Including Panic Attacks),


Psychotic-like Symptoms



Psychomotor Impairment

Cognitive Impairment


Mental Illness

Birth Defects and Damage to Children



Legal Issues

Negligence Basics

Informed Consent

Duty to Warn

Labeling of Marijuana Used as a Medicine

Warning about Marijuana Use and Mental Illness and Depression and Suicide

Liability Issues Regarding Medical Care Providers and Marijuana Used as a Medicine

Aggravation (Exacerbation) of a Pre-existing Condition

Future Harm

Emotional Distress

Liability Issues for Medical Care Providers

Examples of Medical Malpractice in Treatment with Marijuana

Marijuana Use and Pregnancy